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Carl is leading in the creation of PoliNations, a groundbreaking multidisciplinary public art installation in the heart of Birmingham this summer celebrating diversity through performance, live plants, light and sound, mass participation, sanctuary spaces, local voices, nature and spectacle.

PoliNations was inspired by the surprising fact that over 80% of plants found in UK city-gardens originate from overseas.

“PoliNations will be a joyous celebration of the incredible creativity and cultural diversity across the UK today. We’re thrilled to have commissioned the festival as a part of UNBOXED, and that it will also provide a spectacular free event for everyone in the final month of the Birmingham 2022 Festival. Audiences from the region and far and wide will be able to experience an event that embraces diverse forms of art, and myriad ways to tell captivating personal and collective stories that reflect the magnificent richness of our society.”

Martin Green, Chief Creative Officer at UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK and the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

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